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Friendship Day (Aug 1)

Friendship Day
It's Friendship Day... Time to reach to all your friends who add lots of smiles and colors to your days. Tell them how much they mean to you and make them feel special with our warm and cute Friendship Day ecards.

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Rated: 4.11 | Views: 561,425 | Sent: 206,387

Hug Month (August)

Hug Month
Hey, it's Hug Month! The perfect time to get cozy with your sweetheart, catch up with friends and family and tell them how much you care. Send them a tight, warm squeeze and make them feel really special with cute and warm ecards from our site.

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Rated: 4.34 | Views: 135,659 | Sent: 24,588

Girlfriend's Day (Aug 1)

Girlfriend's Day
It's Girlfriend's Day! Celebrate the special bond of friendship that you share with girl pals... Send lovely or cute messages from our site to your friend to tell her how special she is.

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Rated: 4.29 | Views: 258,649 | Sent: 74,937

August Flowers (August)

August Flowers
Gladiolus and poppy are the August Flowers! So celebrate your special relationships with these pretty blooms. Send beautiful and warm ecards from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a season blooming with joy.

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Rated: 4.16 | Views: 307,190 | Sent: 94,655

Smile Month (August)

Smile Month
It's Smile Month. A smile is the best perk for the day... The easiest way to spread happiness. Spread smiles and giggles to brighten up the days of your friends and loved ones through our collection of warm ecards.

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Rated: 4.11 | Views: 1,722K | Sent: 448,555

Summer (Jun 20 - Sep 22)

Summer's here! It's time to soak up the sun, to hit the beach or to go for a long and lazy vacation. Reach out to your friends, family and loved ones in this sunny season with our warm and wonderful Summer ecards. Wish them lots of fun and make this Summer a special one for them with these cute and cheerful ecards.

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Rated: 4.03 | Views: 346,205 | Sent: 54,760

Sister's Day (Aug 1)

Sister's Day
The bond one shares with one's sister is very special. Whether elder or younger, a sister is someone who cares, quarrels, teases but most of all, loves. Send these lovely ecards to your sister/ friend/ someone who's like a sister and make them feel special.

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Rated: 4.19 | Views: 16,537 | Sent: 3,433

National Watermelon Day (Aug 3)

National Watermelon Day
The perfect summer fruit has a day to itself. Refresh yourself and ask your near and dear ones to keep themselves hydrated with this juicy fruit.

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Rated: 3.92 | Views: 9,225 | Sent: 939

Work Like a Dog Day (Aug 5)

Work Like a Dog Day
Not connected with dogs per say, today is a day to celebrate all those who work hard to make us achieve our professional goals. Celebrate the dogged determination of your coworkers by sending them a celebratory card from our kitty.

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Rated: 4.17 | Views: 10,788 | Sent: 2,409

Dollar Day (Aug 8)

Dollar Day
Though established in 1786, did you know that the first dollar bill was not issued until 1862? Commemorate the establishment of the US monetary system, read dollar, on this day with us! Send out cards to your loved ones and celebrate the day.

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Rated: 3.77 | Views: 11,741 | Sent: 1,536

Book Lovers' Day (Aug 9)

Book Lovers' Day
Kick back, relax and grab a book. Today is the day for those who love to read. So treat yourself with some quality reading time and share your love for book with fellow bookworms with our quote-worthy cards.

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Rated: 3.60 | Views: 112,422 | Sent: 26,440

Send an Email Day (Aug 9)

Send an Email Day
Hey, it's Send an Email Day! So write emails to connect to your near and dear ones. Send cute, funny, warm or heartfelt messages to your friends/ family/ loved ones to click smiles on their faces!

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Rated: 4.25 | Views: 523,626 | Sent: 169,614

Romance Day (Aug 11)

Romance Day
Hey, it's Romance Day! Time for you all to reach out to your loved ones and pamper them with your love. Say how much they mean to you through our wonderful ecards.

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Rated: 4.01 | Views: 174,392 | Sent: 35,440

Thank You Day (Aug 12)

Thank You Day
It's Thank You Day! So send thank you cards to the special people who brighten up your days. Appreciate the difference they make in your life. Show your gratitude to friends/ family/ loved ones with warm and beautiful ecards from our site.

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Rated: 4.19 | Views: 5,544 | Sent: 426

International Youth Day (Aug 12)

International Youth Day
Youth stands for vitality. It is identified with energy. This youthful vigor transcends all nationality, all borders and unites all the young members of the society into a single bond. International Youth Day is the perfect tribute to this youthful vibrance. Reach out to all the young people you know. Inspire them and make them feel special with our ecards.

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Rated: 4.14 | Views: 374,976 | Sent: 92,312

Friday the 13th (Aug 13)

Friday the 13th
Call it baseless fear, an illogical apprehension or an urban legend, Friday the 13th is here... And it's here with all its string of phobias or may be superstitions. Whatever be it, it's just the right time to send across a little note of luck for all your pals and loved ones through our ecards.

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Rated: 4.04 | Views: 27,666 | Sent: 4,056

International Left-handers Day (Aug 13)

International Left-handers Day
Hey, it's Left-handers Day! Just the day to do everything with your left hand. Appreciate every southpaw you know and tell them how special they are. Send them cute and warm ecards from our site to wish them a great day.

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Rated: 4.12 | Views: 167,811 | Sent: 26,638

Independence Day (Pakistan) (Aug 14)

Independence Day (Pakistan)
It's Independence Day (Pakistan). Celebrate the glory of the nation and the spirit of freedom with your friends/ family/ loved ones and fellow citizens. Reach out to them through our wonderful ecards.

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Rated: 3.81 | Views: 1,431K | Sent: 288,082

Independence Day (India) (Aug 15)

Independence Day (India)
It's Independence Day (India)! Celebrate the free spirit of India and send our warm and patriotic ecards to your friends and loved ones to wish them a great day.

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Rated: 4.54 | Views: 19,558 | Sent: 3,406

Sit Back and Relax Day (Aug 15)

Sit Back and Relax Day
Hey, it's Sit Back and Relax Day! Time for you to put your feet up and just chillax! Forget all works and jam with all your friends and loved ones. Reach out to them through these cool ecards.

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Rated: 4.19 | Views: 186,579 | Sent: 40,498

Friendship Week (Aug 15 - 21)

Friendship Week
A wonderful bond, an enchanting chemistry between people which feels like magic... It's nothing other than friendship. A friend is the one who turns all your glooms into happiness. On Friendship Week, make your friends feel special with these warm and cute ecards.

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Rated: 4.47 | Views: 497,512 | Sent: 160,065

True Love Forever Day (Aug 16)

True Love Forever Day
It's True Love Forever Day! So celebrate the love of your life. Make every moment a magical and memorable one. Send cute and romantic ecards from our site to your sweetheart to make him/ her feel really special.

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Rated: 3.82 | Views: 88,494 | Sent: 12,802

Tell a Joke Day (Aug 16)

Tell a Joke Day
Hey, it's Tell a Joke Day! So tell a joke or play a prank and share a hearty laugh with your near and dear ones. Send cute and funny ecards from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a roaring good time.

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Rated: 4.33 | Views: 7,491 | Sent: 1,163

National Roller Coaster Day (Aug 16)

National Roller Coaster Day
Hey, it's National Roller Coaster Day! Time for you to get onto the fast track of enjoyment. Let the dizzying fun of the highs and lows of a roller coaster ride begin. Spread the fun in the lives of your loved ones by sending them our cool ecards.

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Rated: 3.99 | Views: 121,621 | Sent: 29,514

Zoroastrian New Year (Aug 17)

Zoroastrian New Year
It's Zoroastrian New Year. Time to celebrate with your friends/ family/ colleagues. Send warm wishes and reach out to all you know through our egreetings to wish them joy and happiness in the coming year.

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